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Millie Seer
Millie, a sweet little girl, who by age 9, has already experienced extreme terror, seals her eyes and mouth in an effort to never see or speak of anything bad ever again, embarks on a journey to find peace and to live her life to its fullest. Don't be fooled by her sweet exterior, as she is rebellious by nature. 
Schad N. Freude
The Grim Reaper resides in The Cemetery of Infinite Dreams. His name is Schad N. Freude, and as by definition, enjoys witnessing life and all of its joys come to an end. His days are long and they blend together with night as his days are always filled with darkness. He exists in a haze of sadness and spends his days wandering about the cemetery, moving about from place to place collecting souls, picking pretty flowers just to watch them shrivel, wither, and fade away. His quiet days come to an end when an unexpected visitor shows up and gives him something to obsess about. Voiced by Pierre Maubouche', The French Voice .
The glowing blue bat that resides in a tree, on a cliff, just above The Cemetery of Infinite Dreams. Nine, the light, the mastermind, the divine one, is willing to offer up answers to life's hard questions. But pay attention, his wisdom is often delivered in a spiral of words, riddles and rhymes are his favorite form of communitcation. He'll offer up his wisdome but make sure to have a sacrificial d'oeuvre as he never does anything for free. Mushrooms from the forest are his favorite treat.
The lovable yet terrifying bear who loves fire and whos belly has sharp teeth. But do not fear, Walter's past keeps him from using his monstrosity for any evil doing. Walter just wants someone to love him. 
Penelope Softheart
Penelope is a motherly-like figure to all of the misfits as she knows what it feels like to not fit in. Once a beauty, now a monster, she looks over the rest of the broken ones in the Cemetery of Infinite Dreams. 
The Broken Ones is a magically whimsical yet creepily cute animated short about five misfits who end up together in the oddest of places, confronting questions about life, death, and everything in between.
These characters are my own but with the help of a few other visionaries and talented friends, I'm finally able to bring my creations to life. 
Follow us on our journey in the making of The Broken Ones, an animated short story and (possible series).
All the music for this project has been carefully curated and created by Sammy Ruiz at Dark Haus Studios.

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